14 Common Causes of Dog Poisoning

You love your dog, don’t you? I bet there’s nothing much you wouldn’t do to make that big pooch’s life as happy as you possibly can.

But what if I told you that there are a number of products lurking around your home that can prove dangerous to your dog – even fatal?

Better safe than sorry – surely you would rather do a little work now rather than put your dog’s health or life at risk…

Get our report “14 Common Causes of Dog Poisoning” and find out the mistakes to avoid in your own home before it is too late:

. did you know that a pain medication commonly used by humans to relieve pain can prove fatal to your dog?
. why making your own bread can be dangerous to your dog
. how your dog’s tick collar can end up killing him
. two types of foods which may be delicious to you, yet poisonous to canines even in small quantities
. what substance from your fishing tackle box or exposed during renovation can prove toxic to your pet
. which common ingredients found in leftovers can deprive your dog’s blood of oxygen and slowly kill him if ingested in large enough quantity
. what to watch out for when using flea or tick rinses

14 Common Causes of Dog Poisoning

Written by a veterinarian who has seen it all, “14 Common Causes of Dog Poisoning” will help clarify how you can avoid fatal mistakes now before it’s too late.

Get your copy now – you’ll sleep better at night knowing that you have done everything to safeguard your canine friend.

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