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Large Pup growth chartDo you love large breed dogs as much as we do? Here at the Large Dog Boutique we have turned our love for bigger canines into an oversized pooch resource. Anything you need to know about big dogs you will find right here. One question that many big dog owners ask is, “How can I tell when my large breed dogs are fully grown?” That’s a sensible question, so let’s get started answering it for you. […]

My very own large dog crate!A large dog crate makes sense for a lot of reasons if you own a big dog. It gives your beloved canine friend a place to call his own inside your home. Dogs need a refuge from playful children sometimes, and many dog owners find that their pooch is quite at home inside a large dog crate.

The key is in adapting your animal to this new behavior. If at all possible, crate train your dog as soon as possible. It is much easier to train a puppy than it is an adult dog, and this goes for getting him to accept and enjoy a large dog crate as well as any other training activities. […]

Large dog breeds - great family petsMany large dog breeds are quite lovable and gentle, despite their imposing size. Some of the big dog breeds you are probably familiar with, like the Great Dane and the Irish Wolfhound. But there are quite a few dogs that weigh as much as 120 pounds or more that do not get the attention they deserve.

Here at the Large Dog Boutique we love all large dog breeds. Listed below you will find 17 varieties of big dogs, statistics regarding their size, and a few of their characteristics. […]

Large dogs no sheddingDiscussing big dogs that don’t shed just makes sense to us here at the Large Dog Boutique. Webster’s dictionary defines the word boutique as offering “highly specialized services or products”. The website definitions.net refers to a boutique as operating in a niche market. So we are happy to discuss all topics concerning large canines and their fans. That includes big dogs that don’t shed, because cleaning up pet hair all over your house can be a real headache. Select any of the following 5 large dogs if you do not want shedding hair to be a problem. […]

Large Dog HealthAlmost all dogs have to worry about getting fleas and fighting with other animals. That’s just a fact of life. But large dogs tend to die sooner than smaller pets because of very particular health problems, which seem to focus on certain breeds. Let’s take a look at some common health problems of large dogs so you are better prepared to keep your hefty hound healthy and happy.

Skin Allergies – Golden Retriever

Sometimes when people are allergic to something they sneeze. Large dogs like the Golden Retriever experience itchy skin when they develop an allergy. Does your Golden […]

Large Dog HouseLooking for the perfect large dog house for your monster mutt? Maybe you are choosing a new home for your still growing greater Swiss Mountain dog. Perhaps your mastiff puppy is terribly massive, getting bigger by the day, and you need a large dog house that you won’t have to upgrade as he continues to grow. If so, pull up a chair and we will help you choose the perfect home for your colossal canine. […]

...need a large soft crate!!!When shopping for a large dog crate, you may decide to avoid the traditional metal cage style. That’s fine, and there are plenty of soft dog crates out there to choose from, even for big dogs like yours.

On this page we have compiled a few soft large dog crates in a variety of styles, different price points and with multiple features and benefits.

After all, we know how much big dogs appreciate their comforts… […]

A recent search for “large dog beds” on Amazon revealed 10,000 results. Over at Google the same search gives you over 6 million web pages. The bottom line? There are a lot of large dog beds to choose from. Are they all about the same? Should a big dog bed be made out of a particular type of material? What size should you get?

Tired mastiff needs a large dog bed

Those are all great questions. They illustrate that shopping for large dog beds should be given as much consideration as if you were buying a mattress for yourself. Keep the following tips in mind and your oversized dog bed purchase will be a success for both you and your pet pooch. […]