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Large Dog Clothes

Large dogs are often highly sensitive about their appearance, so it will come as no surprise that large dog clothes have a special place in their heart.

Don’t even think of taking them out without a warm coat for protection against the cold, or a raincoat if showers are threatening. Big dogs can be prolific droolers, but they draw the line at getting drenched themselves. Slobbering is after all the large dog breeds’ birthright…

Best Large Dog Clothes

Warm large dog clothesShopping for the best large dog clothes may make the top of Phoebe’s shopping list, but rest assured that the right clothing is still mightily important to them.

Big dogs don’t vie for the spotlight like some of their smaller counterparts – froufrou is downright frowned upon!

No, these big bundles of love tend towards practicality: is it comfy or warm enough, they want to know.

So we thought we would bring Milan to your doorstep and produce a sample of clothes for big dogs that will no doubt warm their hearts.

Without further ado, let our Large Canine Fashion Show begin…[…]

Weather be Damned with a Dog Raincoat

Big dog raincoat to keep dryWhoever first thought of designing a dog raincoat must have had Fortescue in mind. Now here’s a full grown Great Dane, well adjusted in every way other than the fact that he hates rain with a passion.

You would think that would not be a major issue for a canine, and normally you’d be right, except when Fortescue needs to relieve himself – and it’s raining cats and dogs![…]