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The Perfect Kong Dog Toy

Puppy with large Kong dog toyA Kong dog toy has to be the most versatile and sturdy toy you can possibly give your dog.

Kong toys offer four degrees of rubber density to please puppies as well as older dogs and meet the needs of light and aggressive chewers alike. But the Kong’s versatility is what will make your dog a true fan!

The traditional Kong dog toy is beautifully designed for interactive play.

Throw it for a game of fetch and watch your dog get all excited as it bounces all over in crazy patterns like it has a mind of its own.

Take it one step further and teach Rupert to fetch his Kong. When he brings it back, get him to sit by teasing him with another kong until he drops the first one at your feet. Praise him lavishly, and start again.

Stuff a Kong dog toy with natural treats, and you’ll have Rupert hard at work on this new project for hours on end. And now that you’ve got Rupert hooked, you can use this food and puzzle combination to better train him. Put the stuffed Kong into his crate, and he’ll soon look forward to spending quiet time there.

Stuff a large Kong dog toy

A stuffed Kong is also a good way to reward for good behavior, or to deter from destructive ones like chewing. All your dog will want to know is what’s in there, how did it get there, and more importantly how does he get it out. A great tool to prevent boredom or separation anxiety when Rupert must stay home alone for a while.

Help ease teething pain in your puppy with a blue or pink Kong toy with white swirl, but remember to graduate to red Classic Kong dog toys once the adult teeth come in. The black Extreme Kong is suitable for the aggressive chewer, while the purple Senior Kong with while swirl will prove gentle to aging jaws.

Watch your dog make a fool of himself with a Kong dog toy as he tries to solve this perplexing new mystery. Better entertainment you won’t find!