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Choosing the Right Large Dog Crate

My very own large dog crate!A large dog crate makes sense for a lot of reasons if you own a big dog. It gives your beloved canine friend a place to call his own inside your home. Dogs need a refuge from playful children sometimes, and many dog owners find that their pooch is quite at home inside a large dog crate.

The key is in adapting your animal to this new behavior. If at all possible, crate train your dog as soon as possible. It is much easier to train a puppy than it is an adult dog, and this goes for getting him to accept and enjoy a large dog crate as well as any other training activities.

How To Size Your Cuddly Canine for a Large Dog Crate

When you first start shopping for dog cages or crates, you may be overwhelmed. There are literally hundreds of different types, sizes, and manufacturers. Some have wire bars, some are made of plastic and you may encounter plastic coated, metal mesh designs. There are even folding crates which make portability a snap.

Regardless what type of crate you end up buying you need to size up your dog. Measure your dog to the top of the head when he is standing tall. Measure his length, keeping in mind room for his tail.

You want to ensure the large dog crate you purchase is big enough so your dog can stretch out to his full body length without feeling cramped.

He should also be able to move around freely, turning without hitting the sides of the crate. Take those measurements and compare them against the dimensions of the large dog crates you are shopping for.

But beware, first-time owners of big dogs sometimes buy a dog cage that is too big. In a large confined area, small and big dogs alike have a tendency to use the bathroom at one end of their crate and sleep in the other. Just ensure your animal has enough room to move freely for lounging around and sleeping.

Large Dog Crate Considerations

Some dog crates are very basic. They are a metal mesh design with no bells or whistles. You can also find those with a plastic coated finish, which helps prevent rust while protecting your dog from metal as well. Look for extras like a floor pan, divider panels, single, double and triple door designs and cloth construction around the frame.

48" Extra Large Dog Crate by Grip-On-ToolsSome large dog crates come equipped with a free cover. And if you have a really big dog, a search for “extra large dog crate” or “XX large dog cage” at an online retailer like Amazon will reveal quality products like the 48″ Extra Large Dog Crate/Kennel made by Grip-On-Tools. This folding crate measures 48 inches long by 32 inches high by 29 inches wide. It folds down quickly for easy transportation, closes with dual bolt latches and includes a removable and durable black coated floor pan for easy cleanup.

That extra large dog crate is just one of several you can order conveniently online. Add a dog bed cushion or mat and your big dog can rest or lounge comfortably in his private pet condo.

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