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Stylish Large Dog Houses for Sale

I need a large dog house...

I’ll never get this house built, will I?

Make no mistake about it: there’s nothing like a large dog house for your dog to let the world know he has arrived. Sure, dog houses provide shelter from the elements and a spot to relax and catch up on some well-deserved R&R.

But large dog houses also offer peace of mind: after all, how can Thor possibly sleep on both ears unless he knows for sure that no one can attack from behind? There’s simply no trusting that sneaky feline brother of his…


Big Dog Houses

When shopping for a large outdoor dog house, a crucial factor to keep in mind is whether the house is insulated or not.

Large wooden dog houseSome large wooden dog houses come ‘au naturel’, i.e. what you see is what you get.

Others like the Precision Pet Extreme log cabin offer upgrades such as an insulation liner and a door which can be purchased separately.

While you are busy building up a fire to roast some marshmallows, Walden can rough it out in comfort.

Large plastic dog house -the MonticelloLarge plastic dog houses come in an abundance of styles, with or without various amenities.

Take the Suncast DH350 model for example. With beautifully shuttered windows, a carefully crafted shingle roof and vinyl doors, it comes complete with letters to display your pooch’s own moniker above the front entrance. Jefferson may well feel that he has found his very own Monticello. Not insulated.

Big Dog House -Palace of Justice modelFor a little more protection, the Pet Zone Tuff-N-Rugged large plastic dog house offers double-wall construction for added insulation. The inhabitant’s body provides the heating system.

Though it has no door for privacy, this imposing structure boasts broad front steps where Belvedere can chill out.

Both models are perfect for temperate climes and should find takers quickly.

Must Have: Large Insulated Dog House

When it comes to plastic insulated dog houses for large dogs, the canine real estate market won’t let you down. From sturdy barns to igloos, big dogs can rest assured that they are covered. Structural foam construction provides year-round insulation to keep your best friend comfy throughout summer or winter.

Dog Palace modelThe ASL Dog Palace is built to look like a barn. Outside measurements for this big dog house are 38.5″H x 31.5″W x 47.5″L.

The living area (30.5″H x 24″W x 35.5″L) offers ample space for Dudley to sprawl and can be accessed by way of a pass-through door which measures 15.5″ wide by 18″ high.

Upgrade to a heated dog house by adding an optional floor heater.

Extra Large Dog Houses

If you promise to keep an open mind, I have an extra large igloo dog house to show you which could be perfect for Chinook. In fact, this piece of doggy real estate would take him to the pinnacle of luxury.

Extra large igloo dog houseBuilt of structural foam to look like an igloo (ice blocks and all), the Petmate Indigo dog house measures 30″ x 51.5″ x 39.3″. On top of its year-round insulation, a Petmate floor pad can be added for extra comfort and even more protection. An interesting offset extended doorway offers wind proofing and rain resistance, while a roof vent provides continual air flow. To help keep out drafts, install a see-through pet door which can be purchased separately.

This igloo-style dog house also features Microban which helps fight the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

…but I want a GIANT dog house!

Our Dogloo modelNo problem – we’ve got you covered! The Petmate Dogloo dog house (48.5″x47″x37″) has all the characteristics of the igloo – minus the door. But bear in mind that it is only available in season!

You can accessorize the dogloo with a giant 22.8″ x 23.8″ door which can easily be attached.

Oh, and what about a Dogloo XT pad to keep Aspen toasty…

Whether you are looking for a large or an extra large dog house, you can rest easy. Dog houses for large dogs come in all sorts of colors, styles and shapes to satisfy the most discriminating tastes.