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Best Large Breed Dog Food Brands

Best dog food brands for large breedsProviding Marmaduke with the best dog food brands for large breeds is probably the best way to prevent health problems common to big canines.

Reputable dog food manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure that their products specifically address those issues through targeted nutrition.

Solid Gold Large Dog Food

Solid Gold dog food emphasizes a holistic health care approach, providing nutritional supplements and dog food that complement each other, with a goal of balancing all systems in the body and preventing health issues. All Solid Gold dog food whether dry or canned is wheat, corn, and soy free. Their formulas are also updated as new nutritional research becomes available.

Solid Gold large dog foodSolid Gold dog food would not exist today if it were not for a fluke discovery by a Great Dane breeder. During a trip to Germany to purchase Champion Great Danes, Solid Gold founder Sissy Harrington-McGill observed that German Danes’ life expectancy was 11-13 years, compared to 7-9 years for American Danes. Convinced that diet was a key factor, she had samples of some German dog foods analyzed, which then led to the development of the Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken.

Solid Gold’s holistic health care approach is based on providing a healthy natural diet, so you can rest assure that Solid Gold pet food do not contain any chemical preservatives or flavor enhancers. This is made possible through the use of revolutionary foil “barrier” packaging for all their dry food products, which ensures that food remains fresher longer, maintains its palatability, and also helps sustain the potency of vitamins and nutrients which may deplete over time with conventional paper bags.

All Solid Gold large dog food whether dry or canned is also wheat, corn and soy free. What you will find instead are healthy oils such as canola and salmon oil which are packed with omega fatty acids. As new nutritional research becomes available, Solid Gold updates its formula which led them for example to add taurine to all their dry dog foods in order to help protect against dilated cardiomyopathy.

In their effort to achieve holistic health care, Solid Gold also provides nutritional supplements to complement their outstanding dog food. Their goal is to prevent health issues by endeavoring to keep all systems in the body in proper balance. When all different systems are enhanced to their maximum potential and work together in harmony, the result is a healthful body.

Last but not least, Solid Gold’s holistic approach is supported by a line of topical skin care products to ensure your dog’s outer health as well. If you want to get your best friend started on the right paw, Solid Gold dog food provides all you need to provide excellent nutrition for your dog and peace of mind for you.

Wellness Large Breed Dog Food

Wellness Large Dog FoodWellness large breed dog food uses a three-pronged approach to address the unique health requirements of large dogs. Nutrient-rich whole foods rich in protein from no less than four animal protein sources help support joints and encourage lean muscle.

Wellness strives to provide food that is easy for pets to process and digest for ultimate nutrition. Caloric intake is also carefully controlled for optimal healthy body weight.

Don’t wait, protect your dog’s body now before it’s too late! Top quality dog food brands formulated for large breeds will help you do just that. In the long run, you will be saving your dog pain by delaying the onset of joint problems, promoting a long, healthy life, and saving money in the process.