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Best Large Dog Collars

Large Dog CollarsSure, you want nothing but the very best large dog collars for that big bundle of joy you just brought home. But shopping for large dog collars is not as easy as it sounds.

Having measured your dog’s neck, you still have to consider color, materials, details like buckles, spikes or bling, and then find a leash to go with your new collar. And chances are that your favorite collar simply won’t show up at your local pet store.

Best Large Nylon Dog Collars

Thinking of a big dog collar in blue or maybe purple? Or how about orange? A nylon dog collar is the obvious choice. Rogz, Sassy Dog Wear and GoTags all make good quality nylon collars with a great selection of plain colors as well as sassy patterns. Some collars can even get personalized with your dog’s name and your phone number…

Nylon collar for large dogsCountry Brook Design manufactures heavy-duty premium nylon dog collars in Large (fits 16-22” neck) or Extra Large (fits 18-26” neck). Made in the U.S.A., these soft, flexible collars are fitted with wide-mouthed heavy-duty triglides that let you adjust the size of the collar as well as heavy welded D-rings for improved safety.

A strong aluminum side release buckle makes this line of collars stand above the crowd by allowing you to quickly remove the collar in an emergency. Keep in mind that a metal buckle is not likely to break or snap open like ordinary plastic buckles used on most dog collars. And contrary to their plastic counterparts, you will be hard pressed to find a dog that can manage to pry these open.

Martingale collar for big sight houndsCountry Brook also make a martingale collar for use on sight hounds or dogs with a cone-shaped neck. This slip-on collar prevents them from slipping off their collars and getting into trouble. A fabric as opposed to a chain loop keeps longer hair from getting entangled.

Their Heavy-Duty martingale nylon collars come in 12 plain colours with double handle matching 6′ leash.

Country Brook Design’s Deluxe nylon dog collars are offered in 19 gorgeous plain colors with or without a matching 6′ leash.

Large dog collar & leash in Pink LeopardTheir Premium collar and leash sets made of polyester webbing with about 5,300 pounds tensile strength have got Brutus covered in style with a choice of 25 amazing unique designs woven (not sewn) into the webbing. Choose from camo, leopard, tiger, paw, lattice, paisley, argyle, heart, geometric, southwest, and even a flag design for the patriotic dog!

Big Dog Leather Collars

Hunkering for a large leather dog collar for the girl around town? The Amish use soft leather to make Perri’s leather collars which are then lined with soft lambskin padding for a beautiful classic look. No more irritated itching for Rex! They come in a variety of 17 colors accented with stainless steel or solid brass hardware.

Classy large leather dog collarFor your extrovert who relishes being the center of attention, a fashionable leather collar personalized with her own name in Swarovski crystal rhinestone letters and a charm is a must. With a choice of 9 colors to match every outfit, she may soon start eyeing your nail polish!

A cool leather collar for a pitbull might sport some hardware such as this 2″ wide faux leather spiked, studded collar – in pink of course…
Big dog collar with spikes

A collar is one of the most important accessories you can get for your best friend. When comparing big dog collars, of course fit is important, but comfort and security are vital. What good is a pretty collar if it causes your dog irritation and makes him miserable? Or if the buckle snaps and she runs into traffic? Choose wisely – your dog depends on you!