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Large Dog Toys

A few large dog toys – or better yet a trunk full – should help keep Lola busy and her focus away from your belongings. But not all toys are created equal or will appeal to all canines! Learn how to select toys that are appropriate for your big dog’s likes and needs.

Best Large Dog Toys

Chewy Pitbull toysChoosing the best large dog toys for big dogs can be a challenge. You know what I mean… You rush home, anxious to surprise Dudley with those big dog toys you so carefully picked (fervently hoping they’ll help keep your shoes safe) – only to discover them all in pieces the next morning! Disheartening, yes – not to mention money down the drain.[…]

The Perfect Kong Dog Toy

Puppy with large Kong dog toyA Kong dog toy has to be the most versatile and sturdy toy you can possibly give your dog.

Kong toys offer four degrees of rubber density to please puppies as well as older dogs and meet the needs of light and aggressive chewers alike. But the Kong’s versatility is what will make your dog a true fan!

The traditional Kong dog toy is beautifully designed for interactive play.[…]