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Weather be Damned with a Dog Raincoat

Big dog raincoat to keep dryWhoever first thought of designing a dog raincoat must have had Fortescue in mind. Now here’s a full grown Great Dane, well adjusted in every way other than the fact that he hates rain with a passion.

You would think that would not be a major issue for a canine, and normally you’d be right, except when Fortescue needs to relieve himself – and it’s raining cats and dogs!

But being a clever boy, Fortescue came up with the perfect solution to his dilemma. As his people frantically tried to shoo him out the patio door, he performed a 180-degree turn, backed halfway out the door, did his business, and promptly reentered before his hind quarters could get wet. Under no circumstances was he about to get drenched – and who’s to argue with a Great Dane?

Waterproof large dog vestDog raincoats were probably created by someone who abhorred that dreaded wet dog smell, or who wished to prevent dogs from catching pneumonia. Either way, there’s a lot to say for adding a raincoat to any large dog’s wardrobe. Give Fortescue a waterproof dog vest, and chances are he’ll start looking forward to his walks, rain or shine.

Whether you choose a traditional vinyl rain slicker with hood for heavy downpours, or a lightweight, breathable microfiber rain jacket that will give your pet comfort in a wide range of weather conditions, you will be saving yourself the hassle of extra coat maintenance, not to mention the wet dog smell.

Your dog won’t have to keep his legs crossed till the weather changes, or worse go potty indoors. Remember, all dogs are not as creative as Fortescue, so if your dog balks at going out in the rain, why not provide him with his very own big dog raincoat?