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Large Dog Beds

Make your new best friend feel welcome with a selection of large dog supplies, starting with a plush large dog bed to help relax at the end of a long day, whether busy or not… soft, firm, orthopedic or waterproof; plain, patterned, classic or bold; flat or donut shaped, with or without bolster – so many choices, so little time!

Best Large Dog Beds

Best large dog bedsAfter dog food, trying to decide which are the best large dog beds out there has to be one of the most frustrating exercises possible. And it gets compounded by the fact that your dog may well have a different opinion and reject your lovingly hand-picked, perfect slumber device. 🙁

When choosing the perfect big dog bed, of course it is important to get the right length and width so that your best friend can make himself comfortable. But don’t forget that for arthritic dogs, height is also important so that they can get in and out easily.[…]

An Orthopedic Dog Bed to Prevent Pain

Prevent joint pain with an orthopedic bedGiven that a dog spends a good twelve hours a day sleeping, have you ever wondered whether an orthopedic dog bed would be a better choice for your large dog? It is well known that joint issues develop quickly in big dogs, often at a young age. So doesn’t it make sense to spend more upfront on a quality dog bed to help delay the onset of pain for your dog and heartache for yourself?[…]