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Large Dog Crates

One of the most basic necessities, specially in a busy household: a cozy large dog crate to offer solace from the hectic world out there. And if you fear your new large friend might squeeze you out of space, not to worry. You can now buy dog furniture that meets your dog’s needs and integrates perfectly well with your decor.

Best Large Dog Crates & Kennels

Whaddaya mean 'Go to jail'?

Whaddaya mean ‘Go to jail’?

Even while perusing nothing but the best large dog crates and kennels, there’s a vague feeling of guilt that just won’t quit.

“Thor, you’ve been at the cookie jar again – you know the drill…” One mournful look, and your heart starts melting: how can you not feel guilty for stuffing that big bundle of love into a large dog crate?

I am convinced there’s a degree out there for dogs that master the best ways to make you feel guilty – and don’t fool yourself, they all manage to obtain that diploma!

If you can’t bear to think of your sweetheart in a big dog cage, just consider that you may be looking at this the wrong way. Let’s reexamine the issue from your boy’s perspective…[…]

Best Dog Ramps to Help Save Joints

Dog ramps help save jointsThe best dog ramps were designed with two goals in mind: to help Guinness in and out of your car in order to save wear and tear on his joints, and to spear your back.

The larger the dog, the more prone it is to joint problems, in particular hip dysplasia. Of course, dog ramps are also a blessing for older dogs, preventing stress on joints when getting in the car and pain from jumping out.

Dog ramps are available in three basic formats. A plastic folding pet ramp can be lighter but won’t reach as high and can be more awkward to maneuver, with greater risk of pinched fingers.[…]