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Best Dog Ramps to Help Save Joints

Dog ramps help save jointsThe best dog ramps were designed with two goals in mind: help Guinness in and out of your car in order to save wear and tear on his joints, and to spear your back.

The larger the dog, the more prone it is to joint problems, in particular hip dysplasia. Of course, dog ramps are also a blessing for older dogs, preventing stress on joints when getting in the car and pain from jumping out.

Dog ramps are available in three basic formats. A plastic folding pet ramp can be lighter but won’t reach as high and can be more awkward to maneuver, with greater risk of pinched fingers.

For even shorter elevations, a half ramp also made of plastic offers a more affordable alternative.

A telescoping dog ramp can reach higher elevations and offers greater length flexibility. Made of a combination of aluminum and plastic, telescoping dog ramps are light and strong. Use it fully extended to help Guinness in and out of an SUV, a pickup truck or grooming table, or shorten it for lower surfaces such as beds, couches, or the side door of a minivan.

For sporting dog owners, an extra large dog ramp will provide over 40% more surface, including even greater height.

Don’t wait for Guinness to show signs of joint distress – get him a dog ramp now, and help keep joint pain at bay!