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Large Dog Collars

Small but all important: large dog accessories such as a large dog collar to remind your new best friend of his moniker and location on the map perhaps, or simply to broadcast his personality and let’s not forget a sturdy leash to safely anchor the beast to you during future walks.

Best Large Dog Collars

Large Dog CollarsSure, you want nothing but the very best large dog collars for that big bundle of joy you just brought home. But shopping for large dog collars is not as easy as it sounds.

Having measured your dog’s neck, you still have to consider color, materials, details like buckles, spikes or bling, and then find a leash to go with your new collar. And chances are that your favorite collar simply won’t show up at your local pet store.[…]

The Versatile Nylon Dog Collar

Who needs a nylon dog collar?A nylon dog collar proclaims to the world at large that your dog “belongs”, that he has found his human pack. It gives him that extra confidence that he’s not alone to face that big bad world out there: one for all and all for one! But above all, that little band of nylon is proof positive that you are not ready to take the risk of losing him.

Nylon dog collars come in a rainbow of colors and designer patterns, often with matching or coordinated leads. For the hard core athlete who likes to exercise day or night, rain or shine, a reflective dog collar is the perfect choice.[…]