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Metal Dog Crate Pros & Cons

Metal dog crate advantagesThe main advantage of a metal dog crate is that it provides Daisy with her own private area of peace and quiet where she can retreat whenever life gets too much to handle. Away from the hustle and bustle of the household, she can rest for a while until she feels composed enough to face the world again.

As long as children are discouraged from annoying her, Daisy will be able to relax without feeling isolated. She will be able to observe the action and feel part of her pack. But the metal dog crate’s greatest asset is how it can help you train your dog much faster.

Some metal dog crates can be fitted with a partition, separating resting and eating areas. They are designed to help potty train, as dogs don’t like to soil the area where they eat or sleep. You can even use a crate cover to encourage Daisy to go to sleep at night.

Rather than selecting a one-door crate, you may want to consider a double door one for the flexibility it will allow you in terms of its location in your home. A three-door crate with an extra door on top is really handy if you are dealing with more than one puppy. You can easily get one pup out without the others making a break for it.

On the other hand, metal dog crates are not sanctioned by airlines. You may wish to use a plastic pet carrier for airline travel or to offer a shy dog some extra privacy, but a metal dog crate is the best option if you just want to convert a few square feet of your home into a dog lair – not to mention the inherent dog training benefits.