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Best Large Dog Clothes

Warm large dog clothesShopping for the best large dog clothes may not make the top of Phoebe’s shopping list, but rest assured that the right clothing is still mightily important to them.

Big dogs don’t vie for the spotlight like some of their smaller counterparts – froufrou is downright frowned upon! No, these big bundles of love tend towards practicality: is it comfy or warm enough, they want to know.

So we thought we would bring Milan to your doorstep and produce a sample of clothes for big dogs that will no doubt warm their hearts.

Without further ado, let our Large Canine Fashion Show begin…

Large Dog Sweaters & Shirts

Dog sweaters for large dogs

First on the runway are large dog sweaters. Patiently knitted with your dog’s personality in mind, even the most demanding pooch will find the perfect match.

Our neutral grey marled sweater’s classic look evokes casual distinction, so don’t be surprised when he offers to carry his girlfriends’ toys while escorting them home.

Only the most self-assured canine would dare proclaim to the world that he is ready for a challenge – anywhere, anytime – and may the Force be with you if you are feeble-minded enough to respond.

The girl who isn’t afraid to let it be known that she has lost her heart to Mom is guaranteed a ton of praise and a few extra hugs on her meanderings through the neighborhood.

A Fair Isles pattern lends an air of elegant nonchalance coupled with warmth and a feeling of festivities awaiting just around the corner…

And last but not least, a big sweater that makes a patriotic statement lets the world know in no uncertain terms exactly where he stands and that his values are not to be trifled with.

Dog hoodies for large dogsNow what could be cooler than big dog sweaters with a hoodie?

You can look like you don’t have a care in the world but if the weather turns, pop the hoodie on and your head is protected.

Some big dogs have a sense of humor and will feel all goofy wearing a big sweater that makes fun of them. Not for everyone.

Big dogs generally like to present a cool front. They can handle whatever gets thrown at them. For them, our classic, fleece-lined dog hoodie is perfect. So adorable you’ll want to get one for yourself!

For the consummate sports canine, a cotton camo hoodie is a must. Cotton breathes well so they can both look and keep cool, and the pattern makes it a cinch to blend in with nature: the perfect combo.

Big dog shirtsBig dog shirts offer an opportunity for large breed dogs to have fun and show the witty side of their personality.

Even a sleeveless tee shirt can make a strong statement; the trick is to match the correct message with the proper messenger…

Our first three big dog tee shirts should only be worn by individuals who have no doubt in their minds about who is in charge.

Even the cheeky exhibitionist and the big-hearted ‘puddle of love’ will find something they can feel comfortable with – no matter what they wish to express.

Bitten by the nostalgia bug? Your big girl can walk right alongside you proclaiming the message: cherry sodas are in, baby!

Large Dog Coats

Big dog coats for large dogs

Designed to meet each and every big pooch’s needs, dog coats for large dogs come in a variety of colors as well as styles.

A dog blanket that can meet a nor’eastern head on is not for the faint of heart, but a definite must for big dogs prepared to battle the elements no matter what gets thrown at them.

For the country squire, a waterproof horse blanket will lend poise and distinction – no gallivanting around when you’re wearing such a smart outfit. A warm lined large dog coat with reflective stripe detailing on the other hand is just the thing if your path crosses traffic. Better safe than sorry!

Large Dog Jackets

Keeping cool in the heatLarge dog jackets are nothing if not versatile.

If Cyrus’ idea of fun is to go exploring in the canyon under the blazing sun, you might want to have a look at extra large dog jackets – cooler jackets that is – the perfect solution to keep him cool and collected while he roams to his heart’s content.

Sorry – he’s not sharing…

Cool dog jacketIf you happen to have a rabid sport addict on your hands, he’ll be sure to appreciate a soft, comfy, large dog jacket that leaves plenty of room for unencumbered movement while maintaining a cool, fashionably nonchalant look.

Tucker can focus on proving what a champ he is while keeping warm and toasty.

reflective dog vestLove hunting or going for late night walks with Bailey? Keep your best friend safe with a reflective dog safety vest so he can be easily spotted in the dark. Protect your dog from rain or snow so he stays healthy and you don’t have to put up with the dreaded ‘wet dog’ smell.

Dog Life JacketBut if for you and your best friend fun means lots of water, then there isn’t a moment to waste. A dog life jacket will keep Chelsea safe while splashing around or even just loafing on the deck…

Ready for the Large Canine Fashion Show

…but I ordered a LARGE!

We hope that you have enjoyed our Large Canine Fashion Show and the extensive selection of large dog clothes presented by our big furry models.

Before you go –
a word of caution!

Measurements can vary widely between manufacturers of canine fashion.

Be extra careful to measure your dog and double check for each garment that the size you have in mind will actually fit.

Disappointed clients can turn messy…