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Large Dog Boutique

Large Dog Boutique

…yes pleeease!

Large dog breeds have very special needs, and that’s why they have their very own large dog boutique. “Shop till you drop” is their motto. Large dogs love all sorts of dog stuff, but they enjoy their canine comforts above all. If you’re considering bringing a big dog home in the near future, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

Make your new best friend feel welcome with a selection of large dog supplies, starting with a plush large dog bed to relax in at the end of a long, busy day, as well as a cozy large dog crate to offer solace from the hectic world out there. And if you fear your new large friend might squeeze you out of space, not to worry. You can now buy dog furniture that meets your dog’s needs and integrates perfectly well with your decor.

A large dog house in the garden will allow him to absorb fresh air in peace. And let’s not forget chow time. Choose from an abundance of specially selected large breed dog food to keep the energy flowing, the joints working, and good health flourishing.

These basic necessities would not be complete without a few important large dog accessories such as a large dog collar to remind him of his moniker and his new location on the map, as well as to help anchor the beast to you during future walks with the help of a sturdy leash.

A large dog toy or two or three will help keep him busy and focused, hopefully sparing your belongings from destruction.

A big dog smile

When large dogs are happy, the whole world smiles…

Large dogs are often highly sensitive about their appearance, so it will come as no surprise that large dog clothes have a special place in their heart.

Don’t even think of taking them out without a warm coat for protection against the cold, or a raincoat if showers are threatening. Big dogs can be prolific droolers, but they draw the line at getting drenched themselves. Slobbering is after all the large dog breeds’ birthright…